Does Dieting Meaning Giving Up All Sweets, Can Yacon Syrup Help?

A commonly held view is that dieting means giving up food not just the food that you love but even the food you like. Many people have the view that dieting is about borderline starvation; however, there is a big problem with this idea. Your body doesn’t like being starved. When your body begins to feel that it is being starved it reacts. Millions of years of evolution have created survival mechanisms and one those survival mechanisms is that your body becomes very motivated to eat when it feels as though it is being starved.

A dramatically reduced number of calories are not really what most people need to lose weight. One of the big problems with starving your body to lose weight is that eventually your willpower will give way, everyone’s does, and you begin eating and eating and eating. In the end, this results in regaining the lost weight and maybe even additional weight as well. In addition, this process also wrecks havoc on your metabolism and that can lead to more weight loss. In other words, starvation diets and fad diets are your enemy and not your friend.

A key reason that many people find it difficult to stay on sensible diet is that they feel as though they have to stay away from sweets. Eventually, most dieters do one of two things: they either have a very high calorie, sugary treat or they opt for a chemical-laden, “diet food” dessert. Studies are showing that so-called diet foods actually promote weight gain, not weight loss. These diet desserts are also full of all sorts of chemicals, sugar, disease promoting artificial sweeteners, pesticides, preservatives and additives that no one in his or her right mind would want in their body. So what should you do?

Yacon syrup is beginning to make some very serious waves in the world of health and nutrition. The reason that yacon syrup is gaining in popularity and becoming a fixture on television and health articles is that it is an all-natural sweetener that is very low in calories and has a range of weight loss and health benefits. Many people have called yacon syrup “amazing” and it’s easy to understand why.

Scientific studies have actually shown that yacon syrup can promote weight loss. Participants in a groundbreaking study were shown to lose significant weight by simply adding yacon syrup to their diets. And the news gets even better as yacon syrup is very sweet and can be used in cooking. Thanks to yacon syrup, dieters can have sweets anytime they like and that increases the odds of staying on a diet and achieving weight loss results.


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